The Everlast Comeback watch out for the American Brand

Everlast Boxing Gloves

When you think boxing you think heavyweights in Everlast boxing gloves it is Americana at its finest Ali taking out Foreman, Hagler versus Hearns in the best first round ever. Americas glove F#$k YEAH, okay Everlast has about a billion gloves so I’ll break them down below.



In my opinion Everlast gloves, this glove combines the best of every glove designed by Everlast. Hand protection, just enough padding so the feel isn’t hindered and a sleek design to allow for your regular hand movement.


MX Gloves

The Everlast Mexican gloves that provide a great quality feel but the other side is a lot more protection than a Reyes glove or any other puncher style glove.



The Power-lock is what the need says imagine the Protex style prediction and feel with a sleeker design meaning less padding around. The wrist is stiffer because of the construction around the glove as a whole, on the other side the foam locks or keeps your hand is a fist like there MMA gloves. These are amazing gloves so much so that Ronda Rousey uses them in training and for someone with the judo background, she has her hands are wrecked and to have no hand problems now is a big deal and these gloves play a part in that.



The Grandaddy of all these boxing gloves or at least the new Grandaddy. These gloves take the best of the old meaning the long wrist cuff and protection around the top half of your knuckles and thumb. The new being its foam construction and leather stitching that will make this glove light and protective and giving it a long life in the gym. This is a real fights glove anyone that loves that old nostalgia this glove is really for you parrying with the wrist and dancing like Ali this glove is for you.


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