“The King” dismantling “The Jester” or The Captivating Conquer Vs The Hardened King


 Just finished the Aldo McGregor Breakdown this is gonna be a good one ……. wait what ….. Aldo’s out ……


Well lets start with Pro Aldo anti Conor shall we so lets be candid folks.  Aldo has shown he is top notch at everything but he is the top notch when it comes to clanging shins knuckles, elbows, and everything else against his opponent. What has he shown us he can defend take downs better than anyone, he is championship level when it comes to BJJ take a look at that Rubens Cobrinha match he’s high level. The striking is so high level it’s a problem lol, his dutchie is life altering leg kicks that break dudes boxing that is so damn good he lit up a consensus top UFC boxer in Frankie Edgar as well as dropping the Mike Tyson of the division Chad Mendes multiply times and swarming him in the final seconds of there fight. He knows how to break guys he knows how to light you on fire and needs little motivation to do so. The ability to really control distance  is real and he is so athletic while balanced with his elusive nature and exploding striking ability.Aldo’s dutchie is Ramon Dekker like. Conor knows what coming and with the use of distance and length ss cool but for inches doesn’t change distance of your lead leg and he’s a southpaw his leg is right there for Aldo to kick less distance to cover against someone how is a god with the leg kick. Creativity is real here to a superman punch off the cage that rocks guys or a flying knee or whatever he thinks might be fun he will throw and probably land.

Aldo vs Conor what  Aldo has to overcome is the reach not so much speed its that reach that will play a big part in this fight. aldo going back to the well with putting in some real work with those leg kicks from years past is necessary in my mind chop chop chop and keep on chopping into the middle of the 2nd then unless that dutchie then the 1,2 two piece. 3rd round blast in the clinch like a thai with those straight knees and just keeping smashing like Rafael did to Pettis wink wink. If it hits that mat Aldo takes it in my opinion, Conor may be slept on when it comes to grappling but there is a real reason why in this case Nova Unea houses some of the world’s foremost top smaller weight grapplers and strikers. As Brendan “Big Brown “ Schaub has so eloquently stated his training partner Jonas “Speed”  Bilharinho is a REAL GAME CHANGER because he is taller and has better stronger kicks in his toolbox and his mentality he is becoming Conor from the hair to the harshness which is scary for the guy competing against Aldo a fearless Aldo with real cause to  fearless because he’s seen a better version of you in camp is scary. For a lot of the fans who train or are super deep in this world a big gripe with Connor is that he hasn’t showed any wrestling or high level bjj.

Be it against the likes of cough cough Edgar, Mendes, Zombie, Lamas or a Cub Swanson who many think he leap frogged with the help of the UFC execs who need the pink elephant to make that money. Just saying Jones, Werdum, GSP, Silva, Ronda, and Wiedman have all shown that to truly be considered elite when ish hits the fan, some type of grappling mastery needs to be demonstrated. There’s a reason Chad would rather fight Connor folks its because he isnt afraid of the guy with the limited credentials, as well as submission lose on his record that’s meaningful. “Long live the KING” okay that was for the Aldo fans argument.

Enough of  the Conor bashing even Cowboy Cerrone has to set people straight while still making fun of the situation. He’s beating people folks, badly maybe not the best of the best but he’s performing like the best of the best.  McGregor fans get ready, pro Conor anti Aldo time. So what does Conor have that Aldo does not, length and size and a weird we of moving in  many peoples eyes. That size is real Conor should probably be a lightweight he’s a big guy which can cause problems for Aldo. It really means that Conor should be able to take Aldo’s from old boxing ideas he should be able to take those shots and put it on Aldo because of the wars Aldo’s been in and his last war with Mendes, he could be primed to explode with a sneaky left piston of a cross on the chin. I don’t see Conor getting smothered against the cage and not getting out of it a cracking coming out of the clinch. The confidence he has in himself is a big factor as well many people on the outside of the world looking in don’t understand, what the people on the inside looking around already know about belief and confidence. Conors confidence will translate into the cage where if he’s getting cracked on he’ll bite down and switch the tide because he’s not going to let failure into his mind it’s not an option. His creativity in his kicks are very dangerous lead leg kicks switches out of nowhere cutting weird angles and level changes are dangerous and what makes it worse is his power which explains most of his fights. Go down the line of mangled bodies Conor has left in his wake to some is crazy and others think he was  coddled by the UFC, but what can’t be ignored is his mangled these guys, plus Aldo and everyone in the top 5 would have mangled them as well so what Conor has is real with that logic and in my eyes.

Now for the weird wild card gum under the table stuff making this fight even more strange. Something that has just come up is Aldo’s injured ribs which could be bad. Its true no one is every 100% the night of the fight which Conor has stated lol, but it could just be a mind game to do something to Conor after all the things Conor has said and done leading up to this match. I mean think about it how many fights has Aldo been in and how many of them has he said before the bout has he said yeah you know I pretty banged up from training camp…. um like never. So what you might say, I’m just saying Aldo went through a lot in the world tour and even now dealing with Conors antics, Look I don’t know what advantage this would give him put the way this promotion mainly from Conor has shaken the fight game and the UFC as a whole has undoubtedly reshaped and altered the DNA of this fight its something different there’s very little consensus with the guy that train and even the high level guys and even the public’s perception of this fight is so skewed and warped nothing makes sense especially the odds makers for this fight making Conor the favorite which is crazy in a lot of peoples eyes. How these things shakes out I can see anything happening and Aldo will probably be in another contender for fight of the year with this one. In the end get ready for a battle of the Conquering Joke vs The Aging King folks.


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