Rory and Robbie Juggernaut vs The Red Assassin

UFC 189 Co Main Event

At their core who are these two crazy men? A breakdown of Rory how I visualize it. Rory is the Dynamite Canadian Kid who had a GOAT in GSP as his mentor. Very different in his approach to fighting and in thinking but also very similar. BJJ wise Rory is legit as they come one of the most legit players in the UFC he stalemated with JT Torres in Metamoris (go back and watch for a thrilling BJJ Match) a member of ATOS . His wrestling, top notch train with GSP soon that will become a staple in your game. The main point being the takedown defense he has developed, I think he will use it it force Robbie to stand if he gets shot on which is very important to note. Now the devastating part about Rory’s game, his striking and its deadly he will have a reach and height advantage. Which he knows how to use look at that BJ Penn fight or the Tyron Woodley fight he lights guys on fire from distance. He pops guys then uncorks what looks like just a popping shot and then backs guys up with kicks and then continues the popping with power and more power and more power its the Diaz plan on steroids in my view.

What Rory need to do in my opinion in a perfect world is force Robbie into his style of fight which is a basic concept. Its key for Rory to start backing Robbie up instead of letting him escape off the sides when he’s gets peppered by those range finding jab’s. Cutting those angles off is something Rory is skilled in doing. When it comes to the cerebral workings of Rory, because he’s working with GSP, John Danaher, and Firas Zahabi at Tri Star you best believe there game plan will have a A B and a C for sure.He’s a chess player in the cage but worse because he’s wants to truly test his limits and will go deep in the trench to do so. This is the Red Assassin that is a Rory McDonald.

The Ruthless Juggernaut Robbie Lawler, he is the technical hell raiser. He out paced a Matt Brown the man breaker, he stood toe to toe with Johny Hendricks to obtain the Welterweight title. The technical, well to be really real this dude breaks fools. He knows how to hurt you he just knows how to hurt you and make you doubt yourself because of his experience factor and the ability to force you into his kind of high risk fight. If you want to take him down you better have a granite chin because you’re getting hit and sprawled on this Iowa boy trains with a OSU wrestler in Tyron Woodley having to react to a funky style like that makes this guy if not the top but a top threat at Welterweight why because he has power deep into the 5th round the experience of a real deal veteran and truly Ruthless Juggernaut style when he hits you he swarms not just when he gets you hurt if hes touching you it’s a swarm with everything.

So what does this fight breakdown as, well to me you’re putting to game killers with HISTORY in a cage and saying that glory they have been working for all your life is the result of this fight. I think you will see Rory climb and reach the mountain top in this fight where Robbie is. I believe Robbie will recognize his equal in the gameness category when it comes to Rory. Rory will see that wrecking ball style of striking that Robbie has is on par with his own. Wrestling will be cancelled out by both, but both will  be tested. Robbie’s going to grind Rory at some point and then kick it from a high revving 3rd gear straight to 6th with every intention to wreak Rory and break him.

Rory then will test Robbie in the middle where there will be very few places to go if he’s not also exchanging which is hard against a long striker.  Taking away angles and forcing Lawler on the back foot will be paramount in Rory taking some rounds because it sets up that firing galley style attack against the cage for him. This is all about  fine point razor sharp precision with really power in Rory, versus a smothering constant high risk style in Lawler.

Wild Cards are always fun, if this thing hits the ground which really could happen in a mad scramble that bond to happen. On the canvas the outright favorite would be Rory because of the highly level BJJ he posses and the wrestling skill he has developed over time, but this is still MMA so anything could really happen. See what I did there still hedging my bets. How does this fight shake out in the end is any ones guess to be frank with the Welterweight division that’s just how it is, I will say this get comfortable and have some friends over because this fight will rival what Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo 2 was like in Brazil in pure fan friendliness and for the people who train or are just lovers of the technical application there will be both in droves in this championship fight trust that.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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