The “Physical” Side of Combat



Absorb this very real and important sentiment of combat, without a balance  between technical skill and fitness there is no way you will truly succeed. A balance must be made so as good as the technique is your fitness needs to be at that level. So taking 3 days out of the week to focus on strength and conditioning which should be after sparring or the intense work if you are so inclined to work your fitness on the same day as a practice. My and many of the top level strikers from every realm of athleticism from 0 to 100 all believe in the training of the legs, endurance, core endurance, and explosive motions.

Again I’m not trying to force any kind of doctrine here I just have tried many training styles, and have found somethings that will work for the seasoned people out there and for the people just getting started so try it or don’t its all good.

Air squat for at least 25 perfect repetitions Squat 5×5 80% of your maximum Front Squat 5×5 80% of your maximum Box squat 3×5 100% or 90% of maximum depending on feel Cleans 5×5 60% of  maximum Snatch 5×5 60% of maximum High Clean Pulls  80% or 70% 5×10 Deadlifts 5×3 80% to 90% to 100% to 90% to 80% Jump Rope 15 minutes, Erg 5×5 sub 2 minute 500 meter row, 600 plus meter swim, 3 Mile Run

Kron Gracie on Yoga

“ Breathing with your movements” visualize what your animalistic self would do because the most efficient when it comes to focusing on the present moment aren’t humans we have lost a lot of that to make room for more apotations. Other animals are more in tune and don’t get tired because of their breathing and focus where they can just push past what you think is being tired. When truthfully you have a second gear or a filtering system to bring more clean oxygen into your body to give that state of the second gear.

“Yeah this guy gets IT”



Decompression getting optimum body alignment and realizing your animalistic mechanics. Without shoulder and knee flexibility your quickness will not exist being quick on the trigger without aggression or tension in your shots will prove to be fatal being relaxed and fluid with blazing quickness because your body isn’t holding onto any unnecessary tension.Your body is relaxed which makes you unpredictable at the care of what striking embodies outside of the impractical PKA style of fighting.

Hip Mobility

  1. Boat Pose
  2. Bow Pose
  3. Bridge Pose

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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