AOC “Boxing”


Hooks on Hooks on Hooks

Hooks are punches that have a SLIGHT horizontal arc when meet with no friction they go through the center line.

  1. Hooks go right through the center line of the targets elbow and up in alignment
  2. With the fist turning through with the waist and hips starting with a PIVOT from the feet.
  3. Big point to remember keep these shots tight Freddie Roach once said a Hook should be so tight( meaning close to your body and not a looping punch) that if the hand doesn’t land the elbow will land. Not to be dirty that’s just what perfect form does for you.
  4. Now in practice if you see the hook and you have to over extend the arm (not the body big no no) then go ahead but you had better land that damn hook lol.
  5. After developing the movement add more kinetic energy through the arc of the hook turning into a Chad Mendes, GGG, Ricky Hatton, Cotto, Roy Jones Jr,Tyson or El Gupo Bas Rutten delivering fast and heavy hooks to the body and for KO shots if that’s more your flare.

-Well Stay Chill Folks and Family


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