AOC “Muay Thai”

Muay Thai Women Calves (1)

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?

Muay Thai

  • Generation of power while maintaining a consistent speed may possible with proper form rooted in leverage and creating proper angles with the body i.e. twisting out the ankle of the non kicking leg to generate speed and in part a larger arc of possible attack.
  • Something that is tied to the DNA of Muay Thai, the ever so deadly Elbow and Knee game.

So lets beginning from the ground up shall we, lets discuss LEG KICKS. Sniffle….Ernesto Hoost I hope I don’t fail you, Alright back to business.

Leg Kicks

  1. The key to this is something the Thais and Dutch do very well, kick all the way through the target. I know duh right well “I think you’d be surprised” – Brendan Schaub
  2. The non kicking leg should turn out forcing the hip to turn over or fully rotate so you can keep your balance while on one leg.
  3. Begin like you would for all kicks line up the shin with the point above, below, and on center with the target. Forcing that hip to power through.
  4. You know your doing it right if  your body is flat, think of a ballerina opening up there hips and squatting that’s how your hips should be. Forcing that rear leg to twist outward will help with this.
  5. The old adage is that, if you miss the kick you should spin all they way around like a top which is true.
  6. After developing all the above proper mechanics the last key is the striking through and spinning if you miss over and over again until you’ve done your 10,000 reps of mastery well have fun with that lol.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family


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