AOC “Boxing”


The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?


  • Archie Moore, Andre Ward, Bernard Hopkins, Amir Khan style of boxing emphasis on maintaining the range
  • Defensive base slight bend at the waist to produce the illusion that you’re closer than you really are slipping is faster backwards motion easier.
  • Prototypical Cuban execution live jab is the base of the boxing attack.
  • Jab Perry Catch and Pull counters
  1. A Jab is what all other punches are based upon either to counter or to support. Great jabs mean great straight hands great jabs mean well timed and placed uppercuts with a good jab a solid hook becomes a debilitating strike or strikes for your target.
  2. So how do we throw this modern marvel of a punch. Its pretty simple most people think just extend your arm straight at a high velocity. WRONG , this couldn’t be more inaccurate velocity means nothing if everything telegraphed and out of alignment. Take Juan Manuel Marquez for example not the fast hands out there but look at how many people he’s schooled in boxing and he’s not fast he’s OLD SKOOL. Look at Bernard Hopkins he throws the jab from multiple levels.This is how I think you should start: Learning the Jab
  1.  Start with a high guard
  2.  Step with lead foot rotate toward rear hand
  3.  Then extend the arm toward the target
  4.  While extending keep shoulder up
  5.  Rotate your thumb down to create the snap of the punch
  7.  Pull the punch back to high guard no matter what, so you don’t get countered over the top of your jab.
  8. The Real Key to the jab is the step and rotation.

Stay Chill Folks and Family


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