What is up Folks and Friends


Why have a started a blog on training stand up martial arts. Am I some crummy fake TKD, Karate, or Gung Fu rip off. Am i some self righteous MMA wanna be who hides behind a desktop, Do I believe a certain system is law, could it possibly be that i feel that real fighting is stand up and not grappling? Well all of these ideas couldn’t be further from the truth, alot of the motivation has come from the martial arts that changed everything in Brazilian JiuJitsu innovation is the name of the game while still knowing whats old and has lasted to today must work right. What I’m trying to do is put out the tried and true techniques as well as the tried, and new innovations that are in this new renaissance age of martial arts. I’m not going to misguide on here I’m not going to hedge towards one thing over another I would rather just put out as many things that contrast with other things be it striking or the cousin grappling but at the end everything can be layered together. There are obviously levels to these things, so the progression of this blog will be a steady flow of small amounts to pull from that can then be implemented in anyone’s personal style or as just another tool. I would be happy with that or happy with someone casting what I say aside as useless. So to end my first post, I’m excited to begin this and hope to meet and become friends with the people that enjoy this, if you use it and love this or even if you don’t use the techniques but just enjoy this discussion or what I hope is at least and entertaining read.

Happy Trails Folks


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