The Art of the Parry

our Something that Luke Thomas spoke about during his post-fight analysis of the Yoel Romero Luke Rockhold bout, the parry. The parry is the ability to deflect and smother strikes with your body to reduce damage from say a severe strike to a minor knick here and there. The limbs that typically parry strikes are the arms mainly the bicep and palms. Biceps are not big in combat arts for power typically, at a certain point size in arms hits a diminishing return think bodybuilders punching it looks like they would be powerful but speed is power, not size. The ability to meet that equilibrium is important to be able to parry. Once the equality between the arm size and speed to react and counter still will lead you to actually start deflecting shots.

Starting with the Old man special the cross guard block, yes a block first to understand the parry you have to learn to take shots on the arm without freaking out. So cross arm technique one arm across the top guarding from your nose down exposing the top of the eyes and forehead. Cross the lead arm across leading side of the chest down to your rear lower body.  



Next, we move to a parry counter 2, 3, or 6 which leads to the Dutchie and your basic kickboxing combinations. Now we start the parry understanding to parry initially is just to smother a punch which jams the opponent up for a split second which gives you an opening. Here is the parry counter of the lines of the cross guard, once you feel the shot usually a straight punch to at the beginning with because the hook is another layer that comes with comfort and time. Once you feel the touch you have to recognize the feet there’s an adage in fighting that once you through a punch you’re out of position so it’s about who gets there first. Now the parry elongates that period your opponent will be out of position for in which time you land your counter.
giphy-downsized-large (1).gif


Now we get into the strict parry starting with the cross arm parry. As the name implies you cross your lead arm underneath the rear arm, either circle out while separating your arms while you move to dissipate any power. Observe Yoels movements below to understand the body mechanics because of Yoels size it’s easy to learn from him because he’s not moving as fast as Mouse nor is he as small as Mouse making him a great example.

giphy (2)


Lastly, the most flashy parry is the open arm parry where you are more or less catching the punch and turning the hands outward to deflect punches. Then you have the ability to deflect and parry shots off your forearm due to the speed in which you can react with your hands to advantage is a more speedy recovery. The downside is the open nature of the arm as you can see Luke slipped through the guard even though Yoel was aware of the shots coming. Now, this is a highly advanced practice that needs to be trained on pads and understood before it can be applied into practice. Don’t be the mark in the gym trying to do this in sparring on the first-day work through it on pads study video to really gain an understanding because what I’m providing is a cursory idea of the movements.


-Later Folks


You Will See Change

Let me just say even though I am not a health professional, however let me be very clear after a week of this intense set of movements on week 4 measure your waist legs etc, and you will see a change.


Do as follows 1 to 4 mile run starting at 70%, then 80% to 90% finishing with 100% through out the week intensity will change while distance stays the same.

400-600 yard TIRE FLIPS (Diesel or Whatever you can flip) or dumbbell dead-lifts.

.75 Mile Run at 60% to 75%

15 Min Jump Rope

EMOM 40 Double Unders

Swim Either 0.5 mile or to failure


Sprint .80 miles no more then at 80%


For you over achievers out there:

Endurance Swim 10 Laps at a Time for .90 Miles

Between each 10 laps do 40 Strict Press Dumbbells with 20% of Max

Jump Squats 5×30

Week 3 Cruise to Recovery

Take it easy here

Move through these movements as fast as you can without spiking your heart rate meaning no lightheaded moments or racing heart rate in-between movements wait for the hr to come back to a baseline. Box Jumps are highly explosive movements starting from a exploding resistance move and going to land absorbing that impact as resistance and jumping down and so on and so on. Box jumps when done the muscle focus should be squeezing the glutes during the jump and when extending to the fully upright standing position after landing on top of the box and on the ground. Rowing is about the same pull focus on the shoulder drive and leg drive mainly quads, glutes, and calves in that order. Expect a cardio burn with these two movements, hence take it easy when it comes to sparking the heart rate. Also a perfect way to burn the kids out so the pass out before bed time lol.

20 Min EMOM

  • Odd #: Row Calories 20/15
  • Even #: 15 Box Jumps 24/20

Yoga Swim or Whatever, work the flexibility like you would with any other active recovery. Work at a constant pace, not peaking the cardio but just opening up the lungs. Box Jumps work at a workable pace.

Week 2 You Got This Ladies



Let’s start with you can take this advice or not it really doesn’t matter because I’m not a doctor or a nutrition, I just know how strength and endurance correlated correctly benefits people.

Air squat for at least 25 perfect repetitions

Front Squat 5×5 80% of your maximum

Box squat 3×5 100% or 90% of maximum depending on feel


Dumbbell Cleans 21-1- 9


Pull Up Bar Hangs to Failure

Now Rest

Jump Rope 15 minutes, Erg 5×5 sub 2 minute 500 meter row, 600 plus meter swim, 3 Mile Run

Take another page from the Jujitsu world, THEY HAVE FIGURED IT OUT FOLKS THEY KNOW WHAT WORKS. Think of yourself as a race car your fueling to optimize your body. Move towards clean keto meals 4 days a week high protein, high amount of vegetables, medium amount of fruits, no grains outside of cheating and refined sugars. For two days when starting indulge in a sandwich tacos burritos dumplings alongside the keto deal. Cut loose on one day or for two meals. Or stay strict keto for six days or all week.

Here are some foods

Any fruit is great no one ever got fat eating fruit….ever

Your regular everyday vegetables then add some of the bitter or darker vegetables available, for smoothies sautes or etc.

Proteins unfried fish, chicken, steak, wild game, etc. Whatever you feel like.

Cheat with Gyros, Goat Milk, Fish and Chips look for Mediterranean or Italian dishes.

Always remember that everything in moderation including moderation folks. Also if your a Vegan that’s fine keep on doing what you’re doing just up your protein intake via vegan supplements and step away from refined sugars.

Let Me Try This Again


My bad forgpt tp edit my note pad babbling I apologize for that. So Conor and Floyd is going to happen, fantastic for those teams make your paper. How this plays out in real time is very basic, the boxer wins in boxing the MMA fighter wins in MMA. Boxing isn’t a overlapping sport when it comes to MMA. Yes there is boxing in MMA in that punches are thrown but the suttle nuances that create the jazz of boxing. Floyd lives in that nuance his body is programmed to do an actual pull counter or jab and dip or jab to 3 or close distance on with the high guard body 4 3 step off push off 2 v step back. Those are just basics in Floyds book versus anyone in MMA outside the top lower weight 35ers and 25ers like Dom, DJ, TJ, and Cody truly having an understanding of how why when and where to do those things. Now can the man Floyd will face move in a similar way and how relevant is that? Well yes Conor can move like a boxer but the fundamental proven ways to move is where he lacks. Secondly yes his understanding of why and where to pull off certain punches or slips is very relevant because understanding the actual speed and distance makes all the difference in boxing. The Conor fans will say he gages distance and has incredible speed and power, right got it for the 100th time but what about when the rubber meets the road folks. Meaning what about his sparring film versus Chris Van Heerdeen where he got out classed on some amature versus pro type stuff it was embarrassing. Next is the discussion of power, a misconception is flyod has no power or never has had  power, this is so false and slighty ignorant Floyds KO ratio is damn near the same as Manny Pacquios. Why has his KO number gone down post 2000s well simple he went up in weight from liggt weight and junior welterweight making Manny look very USADA suspicious. Also power isn’t lost for a highly intune professional his hands are brittle and he basically pulls his shots back something you learn to do after years of heavy bag work, eventually you get good at punching fast without numbing your hands by adding extra dig touching is enough for most punches you know are just a reset ahot to begin with. Now can Floyd still deliver power, yes ask Canelo why he didn’t just keep pressing forward?   Brendan Dorman has done a breakdown of the sparring and disccussed boxing power versus MMA power just for a visual reference.

Okay so in refernce to Conors fights the best boxer in Nate just with basic fundamentals showed in even MMA with volume you can rock Conor and force him out of it. Hitting Conor isn’t hard to do for moderate boxers and with Floyd a notorious cardio bumny who’s been working his shoulder back and biceps muscle endurance in the same plans of movement since he was a toddler. Conor will get tired, the gas tank gets drained faster when you explode im your offense and defense (Tyson like) and even more so when you miss hit air and have to stop the momentum and pull back the shot while being out of position. Now will Conor be explosive at the start and Floyd will have to do his usually computing to find his time and pull certain shots out from him be giving an assortment of looks like the high guard open body that he uses to leap in that sprint stance counter or lead 2. Honestly I don’t think Conor or his crew undersatnd how fast Flyod is in traditionally slow or rather complex multiple step positions such as the lead shoulder cross roll to body or jab even against a southpaw. If you are looking at the time Zab caught him or Mosley caught him and thats you saving grace for this bout you have already messed up. Why, because he has improved since then his dad reinforced his defense reactions to move versus rolling all the time. Watch the Robert Guerrio bout he broke his hand and played the evade land evade evade land dance away land game versus just rolling. In fights against guys that use distance as defense Conor hasn’t been able to land heavy shots for the KO. Max Holloway who doesn’t have the body movement or head movement of Floyd but he evades with full body movement in that Conor match. So take all that and Floyd will ghost Conor like he ghosted Robert.

There is no B side to this match very little in x factors and from the sparring tape and fight history as well as credentialsof both men Conor has little chance in this fight and may get seriously injured because if how long Floyds been able to rest his body, similar to that Juan Manuel bout. So thats my take on this wild day, RIP to Mrs. Jones and sorry for my original incoherent piece.

Week 1 Because it’s Hot Outside

 Screenshot_10  Screenshot_9

“Pace Yourself” 

Endurance training to calm even paced music will help keep you on the correct pace, instead of running full clip and gassing out so fast. Pacing is the key word to this style of training so listen to something like this,

Building that endurance to go for ever. This isn’t just for combat this is for life its been proving having a gas tank means more time doing the fun stuff. For the adults out there you know what I’m talking about, wink wink head nod wink chuckle. Okay whats the workout, its a pretty simple workout but you have to focus on your body.

Run your max distance if you already run or run as far as you think you can go be it 1 mile or 8.


  1. What we are focusing on is breathing through the nose to work the lungs properly, don’t mouth breath and if your getting winded slow your pace down.
  2. Pace is everything were not setting a new track time we are covering distance and expanding those lungs people.

Next part of the workout pool work or a 4K row on an erg

In the pool we are working breathing at a higher pace, because swimming forces you to conserve your breath we can focus on the sprint and recovery so do as many laps as you can back to back. Then take a break to regain your normal breath through the nose.

  1. Do as many of these sets as possible
  2. Focus on your breathing.
  3. For the advanced swimmers start with breathing doing two strokes and breathing again. Increasing the number of strokes every set by one.
  4. Variable breathing is a key to endurance as long as you can control your pace you’ll be fine.


Beast vs Super Samo

Hunt versus Lewis 



Hunt the K-1 Champion high-level ever-improving takedown defence, versus Derrick Lewis who’s a legendary heavyweight Boxing trainer Larry Holms with an ever improving fluid striking game and improved cardio. Name of the game is a striking war this fight on the mat won’t happen I think, Hunts kickboxing experience and flowing in and out of striking styles. This bout could end fast or it could be a very interesting long fight.

Breaking it down Derrick needs to stay on Hunt and look for his shots behind the jab, no dipping down vertically because that’s how you catch a 6 from Hunt. The 1 and 2ares where he is safe because of the height and the power factor he creates being bigger. If Frank gets into a slugfest it is ill-advised and rarely works out for the person going to war with Hunt the man’s got steel in his chin. On the ground,  if Derrick wins he has very good wrestling defence subbing Hunt is not really a factor.  It’s pretty much a given that if Hunt lands its lights out for Derrick and if Derrick lands it could be lights out as well.

For Hunt to win he needs to use that striking, the K-1 stamp is something only 2 other UFC fighters have ironically they both are heavyweights…go figure can use. Marks 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 are atomic bombs that are pro boxer sharp he hides them behind devastating leg kicks and switches leg kicks and that wonderous footwork. Hunt rolls shots like Duran and Archie Moore from the shoulder and off the neck roll and chin roll. If he leg kicks Derrick be sure to watch the punch he sets up off that kick. Front leg kick followed by a 2 or 3 rear leg kick followed by a shovel 4 or straight 2 then cold stiffness is usually followed. Hunt if he can tag up Derrick, may want to pressure him with footwork and get to the outside shoulder against the cage and dropping an 5 or 6 ends the bout like his classic walk-offs have usually ended. Staying off the mats for any extended time is paramount, Hunts a purple belt so I’m not super worried about him there.

Okay, I’m rolling with my man Marky Mark Super Samoan Hunt, I’m K-1 loyal and love the new Hunt with his weight loss and commitment to AKA Thailand where he can tighten up his striking with the OGs in Thailand like he did for those K-1 shows. I think this is the biggest test for Derrick Lewis. That’s my take I know the UFC are trying to push Derrick with a high profile test while having Hunt play gatekeeper.