Humanities and Martial Combat

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Why a B.A. degree in the humanities is not a waste, this, of course, is a full hearty emotionally contrived idea based on a rewatching of The Dead Poets Society. Now if that causes you to pause, understand that anyone and everyone touched by Martial Arts is somewhere on that humanities spectrum. I tell kids I talk to that ask me how you get good at martial arts the standard passionate fair of rah rah Bruce Lee and Joe Rogan inspired statements. Single-minded focus repetitions upon repetitions of perfect or near-perfect practice film study and then we get to the thing I learned from my mother. 


Mom, my mother if you know me is the most important person in my life obviously as a man that’s not a wild though most people hold that sentiment. Look at the countless deep thoughts about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and how we know its ridiculous to give one more importance but we keep on keepin on. My mother is a Spelman Graduate educator with specificity in English, growing up I was well aware of that as many children of educators are, ask me about my summers filled with math timed test book reports and history test and field trips to Cosi. It was a wonderful upbringing something I surely don’t express enough to my parents but that’s for another time. I was allowed to experience and try things I had an interest in and forced to try the thing I had no interest in, historical reenactments and random guided tours were not always that fun. Same coin and the other side is she taught me to skateboard challenged me to swim laps upon laps in the pool indulged my love for jazz and any graphic art style I was interested in learning, culinary interest and cinematic as well. After talking to my friends and now my girlfriend about our influences growing up from our parents, I realized how odd that really was. Thinking about it now I believe it’s because she knew from that English degree and philosophy that critical thinking comes partly from vast experiences. You create a well rounded (anything) from melding experiences.


So where do the humanities influence that, personally it’s because the more I know the more creative I can be the more I can analyze. The shows my parents allowed me to sit through with them watching Oprah with my mother and the Living Single and once she started cooking Avatar would come and I would sit and watch and contemplate the show or any show I was watching, same with movies or any book I was enthralled by as a teenager or pre-teen. The only way I got there and then by extension learned a deep lesson in martial combat was from a Humanities majors teachings. 


Teaching the humanities is one of the casualties in modern times but can be justified. When that teaching is perverted and flipped from thinking broadly and the idea is don’t ask me (the educator) for the answer but determine it based on what you yourself are analyzing. People that dismiss humanities as not being of use are misguided in their thinking, I believe more so when I then find out they are an avid podcast listener or any stem interest that involves engineering and science. They fail to realize that they are using what those English educators taught them daily to decipher what’s useful just to guide their workflow. Pondering that I’m far more equipped to explain to a child why paying reading what interests them and to analyze whatever text is presented to them in school and really throw themselves into it can make them better at any and everything, but at the same time nothing if they deem it so. My thought behind that last bit is a take on the Miyamoto Musashi “If you know the way broadly you will see it in everything.”, you have that ability and you have the ability not to as well, it’s still a matter of work and want it isn’t a magically task.


The Humanities needs just a removing of that vale intellectual “deepness” with and pseudo superiority because I am an intellectual because I get poetry or philosophy, therefore, I know that I ‘m right and you have therefore need to prove to me and to yourself that you are worthy to have a conversation with me, which then leads to resentment and distrust because people perceive those individuals to be a journalist and the other to rail against. Restructuring the teaching and knowing that the influence and understanding of the powerful emotions behind different art when not mettled with is an amazing thing.


Thanks mom,               

Conor “Reclaiming Vegas”


Part 2/3 of my 3 part breakdown, this time around is the Conor side of things. The King of the UFC brand is back against the Company man of Company men. Both men’s mentality about fighting is the same they show up when they sign the agreement. Conor goes as hard as Donald without question. Conor wants to fight now and any comparison to Ronda is skewed in that balancing act, he tips more towards Frankie Edgar and Donald Cerrone than Ronda. Conor, however, understands the business and marketing plans and how to manipulate those things.


Conor fought Nathan Diaz twice and the reason the loss didn’t matter that much post that initial night is because every broadcaster or mainstream pundit with a mic in their face said the same thing. Nathan was too big Conors a 145er fighter a welterweight, which we all know isn’t true, I’ve made my point known about that previously. I respect the game the respect that level of hustle and sleight of hand fight above your weight class, make super fights and 20 million just for the bout and if you lose there’s no harm to the career because that next Sunday Monday it will be spun around. F@%KING BRILLIANT, you must respect this man’s hustle. 



Jump back to 1/15/2020 really quickly and taking all the analysis of Conor to this time we know the pattern and ability that Conor has. Conor is able to box in a front runner style with a clever slip and go counter 2 straight 2 rear hooks and an assortment of other angled and varied straight shots. Then how does Conor get to that shot PKA footwork mixed with a traditional boxing pedigree. Blitz to land the 2, v steps and shuffle steps are hidden by a thick mist of push kicks flowy roundhouses and also direct and to the point knees and elbows. We know what Conor moves are but citing Dom Cruz now apparently there are some new wrinkles added in Conors hiatus. What those are or aren’t could be an X factor in this fight so Ill slide Conor the major X factor on paper. Conor after 2 years is still a powerful and slick boxer that blends the traditional PKA practices before anyone else did in MMA to give equality to both the PKA kicks and Boxing ability some people shade one way or the other Conor doesn’t as he knows what shots deliver power and which ones are filling the ring with smoke tricks. Smoke and Mirrors versus a very loud classic country concert, that makes sense.

Conor can win this bout we know that but how can he lose is an interesting question, I say that the way it plays out on paper is what many of us expected out of the Aldo fight. How does Conor deal with someone his size that isn’t just trying to box with him but land the leg kicks to open the door for more varied strikes. Donald has better kicks better elbows and knees. Conor has better power and ability to deliver on his boxing without a shadow of a doubt. Jab and left hand versus leg kick and lead hooks it’s the most known thing in modern MMA even your mother knows this.


So to be very blunt Conor loses in mind from trying to pass Donald, guard, at some point and getting snatched their and then. Conor shows great neck choke, defense relative, to the people he fights, how he deals with the leg kicks maybe a replay of the max fight but against Donald at 170lbs who knows if he can get that shot off against a classic Jackson Wink and Mufasa trained fighter. Rude Boy Muay Thai ability versus Boxer should tip the scales like Holzken vs Joseph or Raymond Daniels, does he get iced out it’s less than likely but a 6 piece McNugget from Cowboy isn’t some far off thing it could happen especially if early leg kicks do their jobs. Moving on DO NOT sleep on Cowboy and more though is Conor isn’t, just some fans.    

Emanuel Augustus Whodini by Another Name

Emanuel Augustus

Every great fighter or phenomenal talent has a defining win and a fight that changes them and pushes them past what the normal expectation of fighting is or rather should be. Mighty Mouse vs Ian Mccall 1, Roy Jones vs James Toney, Jon Jones vs Jon Jones aka” Gus DC Coca DC and then himself again”, GSP vs Serra 1, and the one in boxing that people look over for the overall crazy progression of one Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather vs Augustus is the fight that pushed Floyd over the the line from potential hall of fame to achiever and bar raiser. Put why what makes this fight different from any other Mayweather win? Simple it was the change of the millenium and boxing was still very much blood and guts not far off the Gatti Ward Wars. These 9 rounds were not anymore or less brutal for Mayweather compared to a Castillo and Chop Chop, what makes this fight the pivotal one is that Augustus could hang, slips or slip and shot for shot with Floyd from a *less* than traditional style at times. Floyd was getting hit and Augustus was returning fire at a similar rate and with the same tier of slickness. Augustus was the antithesis of a Floyd Mayweather just as slick with a rock face.

Floyd did get the TKO so let me just say this up front the win and loses aren’t the point of these fights it’s a matter of the push and change. Floyds change is on changing his level its a bar thing Augustus was on his level but was an unfortunate bystander of poor decisions and boxing blackballing. Emanuel can sling with the best but his timing although different was at the time as good as the best to do it in Floyd and Roy. Floyd realized during and post fight that he needed to level up he couldn’t rely on speed and technical punches, but he had to plant the seeds of the soothsayer mentality of forcing shots out of an opponent. Mayweather began forcing the shots out of Emanuel and the timing allowed him to gain the upper hand in exchanges. It wasn’t the same Floyd that fought Cotto or Maidana rolling constantly and catching slipping and returning fire and landing each punch a throws, nope this was young Floyd getting hit with more than a jab and returning with what can only be called Sugar Ray flurries but with less volume and more persistent diction.

Emmanuel gets a tough wrap when you look at his record without context in the modern of MMA we are still privileged with promoters not holding true to the record percentage. Boxing in the modern era has not had the luxury however if you a fighter use this tale as knowledge of what’s possible. Blackballing aside Emanuels style is D Cruz in Boxing unknown but calculated movements that are either high return while being unknown with layers. Cruz however would say he’s more calculated which is true while Emanuel is more dangerous in those moments as he can but you away were Dom can hit you 9 million times Emanuel could end it with a three piece. What’s the MMA context here, to promoters it’s a tale of why the .630 fighter deserves a spot on the card. For fighters it’s film you should watch, as the tricks of the trade or old man skills are becoming basic where nothing Emanuel did or does can be anticipated. So praise Emanuel support the man and take the lessons learned kids.

Cowboy “I’ll Tell You What…”



Cowboy vs McGregor is the UFC putting together a classic matchup that makes sense in the mind and hopefully in the cage come the 18th. This will be a two-parter so keep your notifications on high alert and mull this take over with other opinions like a Brendan Dorman or Jack Slack.

One could think of this coming bout as the blockbuster MMA fight that should have taken place in 2016s second quarter. Not so much Mayweather Paqciou but a fight that makes genuine sense financially for the UFC, and then from the fan perspective be it a “casual” fan or hardcore fan. The impact of this fight is for my money the equivalence of a New Year Pride main event in today’s MMA landscape. Both skilled fighters with dynamic skills both men have similar skills and are fair better at different levels of each skill. The bout has the potential to be a blowout at either end or a barn burner of sorts. Okay, Segway to the breakdown for the betting and fans of the art.



Okay so let’s begin with Cowboy Donald Cerrone, a WEC era American Muay Thai stylist with the ability to find combinations and kicks off his boxing. Boxing loosely is Cowboy’s entry point sight the Jim Miller fighter as the apex of that ability. The ability to then kick is the definition of Cowboy, high and low kicks are done perfectly. He will chamber them in such a way that only Cowboy knows where this kick is going, now add that with your traditional Muay Thai skills with a loose guard and more lateral movement from a statuesque frame. Far from being stuck in the mud especially at 170lbs but not sweet pea Pernell Whitaker just a traditional Muay Thai skill, when firing its an unnerving skill imagine standing in front of a person that keeps throwing a right hand and leg kick and landing repeatedly but is just out of the way for a counter. The piece of the parlor trick is the foundation of Muay Thai far from the plodding style movies but small man Muay Thai is about controlling striking distance with all eight limbs. So the striking starts and ends with don’t let him leg kick because only Barbosa and everyone below 155 is better than him boxing, then allows him in the door but he is definitely hit-able and not hit-able depending on his focus. 

Cowboys ground game is again could be titled as prime era WEC, you don’t have to look far to see a comparison Anthony Pettit is still in the UFC. Off his back Cowboy and Pettit could be carbon copies of one another, 2000s era BJJ at its finest don’t leave an arm out or let your hand hit the mat if you anyone close to being in his guard. He will flip his hips and secure an armbar or catch a triangle with the ease of ADCC legend. If there’s something that’s underrated it’s Cowboys wrestling ability, one does not just stand with Benson Henderson because Benson feels like it no no no you have to be a quality wrestler to withstand that for any measure of time. Will he rival say a Usman, no but he’s a couple length behind let’s say a Robbie Lawler. A complete fighter with a weakness to absurd pressure sighting let’s take RDA Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal. 

So how can Cowboy lose this bout, simple if Cowboy gets in his head and succumbs to the pressure which is more of a struggle at 155 than 170 but it’s still a thing. Justin Gaethje T Ferguson both showed that but also Donald has shown some gumption at 70 against Mike Perry and Raging Al. Pressure has been a thing when talking about Cowboy because he’s an enigma of a fighter in fighter circles. Donald pushes the limits of sanity 12 to 14 fights a year and we all know he would fight every month very much a throwback like a 1920s throwback. If Donald feels comfy coming out of camp and not thinking about Conor 9 days before the fight, we can see a wild performance from a kicker first boxer second in Donald. I said how he can lose so here’s it Conor storms him with all the turmoil of his 2019 campaign with darts and dashes behind his sleight of hand striking of long rangy kicks masking a primed hellashish left hand or 1-2. That’s that Conor won’t wrestle him because he will get snatched as Conor likes to stack in the guard but against Donald, that’s a set up for a triangle. Conor knows better and has a lot to work for now coming off of multiple high profile losses. Conor left hand coming off of high percentage sniper-like shots amongst a firefight hidden in a firework display. Next is Conor in 2020 which will be up on Tuesday 1/14/2020. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned folks.

Hello, all its been awhile a few housekeeping things recent car accident and fun work-life schedule has crept into my fun time doing this. So this will be one of many previews to come, they will be formatted between myself and another individual.

-Be easy family

Rappers Need to Settle Down



So on LeBrons the Shop on HBO top 5 rapper of the post 2008 generation stated that someone was gonna put hands on Kanye West label executive rapper and Pharrell shooter Pusha T. Drake and other rappers have an uncanny ability to display themselves as a certain type of tough guy, I mean by that you have a lot a Conor and Floyd acting in the music business. There are few tough guys by my measure in the rap game case in point you have rappers that have posted videos of them hitting the bag and pads and nobody looks good on film Tyga Meek and that list continues. The only guys proving to be real tough guys or at least guys that are understanding what the real tough guys do are in the gym and training with little  to no theatrics associated with them doing so. We have all seen Drake working out etc your girl is a fan and you listen to him at the gym, Pusha T is a classic rapper dating to the Clipse with Pharrell and Malice, that being said tough guys are not throwing light jabs via an HBO show. Tough guys react like Khabib after 4 weeks, enough talking get after it, eventually there’s no other option and if you avoid it you didn’t really mean what you said and if your words not bond what do you have?



Obviously some may take exception to what I’m writing but if you examine all of this school yard arguing you will understand where I’m coming from don’t speak about committing violence when you weren’t prepared and obviously shaken by a fraction escalated potential that issues between actual tough guys could insight. If you not ready for the most extreme consequences that could arise don’t speak so brazenly about could maybe happen to a person physical sovereignty if they were to continue speaking on your personal life, be starkly direct with the individual and clearly line out what will happen “I will do such and such to so and so if they continue talking about etc” unless you plan to pull up like Matt Barnes or pull a Khabib or Diaz brother fight with Pusha. I don’t see that happening in the future just because, well I think both guys are too soft for that to be blunt.



Rappers are soft that much is clear when compared to anyone that’s training or trained, case in point is the now famous image of Drake acting all bout it bout at the weigh ins for Conor Khabib but looking shook down to his Timberlands when Khabib jumped into Conors corner, this is not a character attack on Drake but rather a large examination of the rappers need to be tough. From the guys I’ve watched train and use that loosely the only guys that could hangout with the crew in the gym are Wiz and my favorite talking point Ace Hood. Both guys are rarely if ever associated with nonsensical arguments in the media. Wiz is a calm guy perusal of anyone consuming that volume of cannabis regularly but the Muay Thai has probably mellowed him out even more if possible because of how training enlightens you on what the consequences and the energy you have to associate with fighting someone and more then likely like myself you realize that you have been training for 2 to 4 hours and are tired and don’t need the added aggravation and would rather go eat something and lay down, which leads to thinking things through and letting BS walk. Ace is just around a ton of killers at ATT so he knows what he can and can’t do along with the aforementioned consequences. That’s just my take and I will continue to listen to everyone just with a grain of salt and a “why you always lying” smirk on my face.  

Weight Transfer: First Shift



Variation in horizontal vertical planes of attack and the shifting of momentum between hard and subtle shifts in angle play is what the embodiment of the shift is based on. Without knowing how to do all of those things and recognizing when it’s being done to you means your being set up for death as Joe Rogan likes to say. If you need a visual check out Tiff Time Bomb or any of her fights she is the best I’ve seen at doing it with no side effects of getting countered while using the shift from southpaw to orthodox before after and while in the midst of exchange or combination.



Shifting can be done in many ways there’s no ceiling on it, everything is based on the mechanics you’re capable of using certain shifts people see all time is the downshift touched on by Jack Slack something that TJ Dillashaw And Dominick Cruz the two poster children for Neo Footwork  do all the time. Using a sudden stutter step to force the superior angle and extend what looks like a jab or a less dangerous punch or a snappy Tommy Hearns style jab, in reality its a heavy cross or hook that is setting up a even more devastating kick or knee to the body. Shifting is something that is easy to see in boxing and people recognize it as really extending on the punches versus a small subtle shift of weight unless it’s Mike Tyson throwing a hook head hook body hop off to the outside angle uppercut from hell combination. In Muay-Thai it’s a skill that has to be learned so learning advanced combinations is possible, as you can view being demonstrated and not being demonstrated by the Cowboy in blatant usage, watch the Till fight to see him not do it and then the Matt Brown and Myles Jury fights to see him shift in a academic way with little to no spice added that’s the zero fat option.

So what is shifting and how do you apply it, well I’ll start with examples. Take your classic 1 , 2, low kick combination like Aldo’s dutchie, every part of that combination is made more powerful and faster by adding weight shifting. When you retract that lead 1 drive that shoulder back forcing the body to extend sharply and with purpose on the 2 from the 2 your coiled up like  a loaded spring and ready to whip off a kick, that kick is hid behind the 2 and when you’re pulling the 2 back like the 1 the shoulder is driving the opposite side of the body through adding to the hips turning over on the strike. Everything can gain from simple weight shifts and carrying on with momentum. Another example is the Edson Barbosa body kick switch, leg kick, body kick learning to to transfer is what makes him that much faster and powerful.  

Being able to transfer is what makes switching stance so wonderful. From orthodox to southpaw is the  forgotten or glanced over piece to making switching in a Neo-foot work or my personal favorite Funk standing. What that is for example take the classic 1,2 from boxing why does it work? Well because when BLADED with zero chance of the take down you can focus on the timing distance etc. of striking. Now for say MMA or Kickboxing that’s not possible because of variables like the TD, or kicks, and knees in the clinch etc. So the piece to the puzzle was the stance change because the new angles involved and the ability to sidestep or pivot into your opponent’s blind spot as they shoot. The knock however us that you end up square and that’s the worst place to be when your opponent is is trying to counter with strikes of a knee tap, double, single, or whatever. Mighty Mouses biggest footwork issue was getting caught on the switch when in the pocket (mind you, you can always switch from distance the entire Alpha Male Team does it all the time and the drop shift is best done from distance to cause a reaction) he would get caught or dropped by John Dodson when he hit the switch in the pocket.

So hows it done

Well it’s a weight transfer

  1. Start by hitting a 1, 2 ;
  2. Then on the 2 step forward or through
  3. Re-fire that 2 so it looks like  1 but carries like a solid 2
  4. Then pivot or step through again layering that 1, 2 Combination
  5. So it now carries like a 1, 2, 2, 2 but looks like a solid 1, 2, step, 1, 2, step, 1, 2

That’s the premise of the weight transfer because the step is the shift it makes it quick and combines a feint with a strike with an angle change.

Try it out experiment with combinations watch some youtube videos Brendan Dormans Channel above and The Modern Martial Artist as well as reading Jack Slack’s post on Vice. Then all you have to do is drill, drill, drill, and go ahead and rest and keep drilling after that folks.


-Posse Out Cruise the Coast line Folks




Stop acting so shocked by what took place on Saturday post-fight. The up on the mountain holy than through the crowd is an interesting group. The idea that Conor was keeping it real and gangster when he through a dolly at a bus all that time ago, but when the constant stoked flames pointed in the direction Khabib has finally quelled people are surprised he was still a rage with emotion. Let me put this plainly, Conor made insinuations about his family’s relationship with a Chechen dictator that Khabib has to deal with because of the repercussions of not entertaining him end with unknown horrors committed against his family. Everyone wants to conveniently forget that part because so many of us live in suburbia or a nation where that isn’t the daily existence. So back to the Conor fans that were thinking oh its just promotion. That’s cool if you’re viewing it on Instagram, but like the fighters currently suing and still dealing with the effects of broken glass in their eyes and face you may feel differently.


I will never condone what Khabib did jumping out the cage was reckless and short-sighted. I understand it because I’m, not projecting myself on Khabib. I am myself a black American that grew up in multiple settings existing in the hold suburbia played lacrosse rugby swam from the midwest a blue-collar stoic mindset was set early in my life, my parents imparting on me that I was to let my actions do my talking pre and post in bout game or any other events no matter what was done or said, I encountered my fair share of mistreatment being the sole black player on the lacrosse field. I and many of those that watched last night did not grow up in a country were it was a known fact that you would witness horror inflicted on people close to you by invading soldiers and extremist. That is the world Khabib grew up in watching friends suffer some dying, so when a truly cold and hardened man feels attached and is attached constantly these actions should be less surprising in the end.


Will this set up another fight is the following question the hypo-critic fan will now bring up. That isn’t the hypocrisy right there thats the slack jaw thinking so many old trainers orginal fans and fighters despise the most. It harkens to the fake tough guy persona although different of the idea Chael P. Sonnen presents. If you’re more interested in thr continuing story of tgis rivalry you weren’t interested in the outcome of this bout but rather the theatrics that built it up. From the moment that dolly was thrown and the inaction of the UFC to Conor drinking with Dana and the character attacks on Khabibs team what more do you want them to endure. When Luke and DC are the cool headed men in the cage canceling out the crazy things have gone to far. Everyone is to blame if the organizations want to cite Conors freedom of speech fine and good just be prepared when I guy cut from the I’ll let you speak but I will slap the taste out of your mouth old world mentality comes up and does exactly that, don’t get shook.