Rappers Need to Settle Down



So on LeBrons the Shop on HBO top 5 rapper of the post 2008 generation stated that someone was gonna put hands on Kanye West label executive rapper and Pharrell shooter Pusha T. Drake and other rappers have an uncanny ability to display themselves as a certain type of tough guy, I mean by that you have a lot a Conor and Floyd acting in the music business. There are few tough guys by my measure in the rap game case in point you have rappers that have posted videos of them hitting the bag and pads and nobody looks good on film Tyga Meek and that list continues. The only guys proving to be real tough guys or at least guys that are understanding what the real tough guys do are in the gym and training with little  to no theatrics associated with them doing so. We have all seen Drake working out etc your girl is a fan and you listen to him at the gym, Pusha T is a classic rapper dating to the Clipse with Pharrell and Malice, that being said tough guys are not throwing light jabs via an HBO show. Tough guys react like Khabib after 4 weeks, enough talking get after it, eventually there’s no other option and if you avoid it you didn’t really mean what you said and if your words not bond what do you have?



Obviously some may take exception to what I’m writing but if you examine all of this school yard arguing you will understand where I’m coming from don’t speak about committing violence when you weren’t prepared and obviously shaken by a fraction escalated potential that issues between actual tough guys could insight. If you not ready for the most extreme consequences that could arise don’t speak so brazenly about could maybe happen to a person physical sovereignty if they were to continue speaking on your personal life, be starkly direct with the individual and clearly line out what will happen “I will do such and such to so and so if they continue talking about etc” unless you plan to pull up like Matt Barnes or pull a Khabib or Diaz brother fight with Pusha. I don’t see that happening in the future just because, well I think both guys are too soft for that to be blunt.



Rappers are soft that much is clear when compared to anyone that’s training or trained, case in point is the now famous image of Drake acting all bout it bout at the weigh ins for Conor Khabib but looking shook down to his Timberlands when Khabib jumped into Conors corner, this is not a character attack on Drake but rather a large examination of the rappers need to be tough. From the guys I’ve watched train and use that loosely the only guys that could hangout with the crew in the gym are Wiz and my favorite talking point Ace Hood. Both guys are rarely if ever associated with nonsensical arguments in the media. Wiz is a calm guy perusal of anyone consuming that volume of cannabis regularly but the Muay Thai has probably mellowed him out even more if possible because of how training enlightens you on what the consequences and the energy you have to associate with fighting someone and more then likely like myself you realize that you have been training for 2 to 4 hours and are tired and don’t need the added aggravation and would rather go eat something and lay down, which leads to thinking things through and letting BS walk. Ace is just around a ton of killers at ATT so he knows what he can and can’t do along with the aforementioned consequences. That’s just my take and I will continue to listen to everyone just with a grain of salt and a “why you always lying” smirk on my face.  

Weight Transfer: First Shift



Variation in horizontal vertical planes of attack and the shifting of momentum between hard and subtle shifts in angle play is what the embodiment of the shift is based on. Without knowing how to do all of those things and recognizing when it’s being done to you means your being set up for death as Joe Rogan likes to say. If you need a visual check out Tiff Time Bomb or any of her fights she is the best I’ve seen at doing it with no side effects of getting countered while using the shift from southpaw to orthodox before after and while in the midst of exchange or combination.



Shifting can be done in many ways there’s no ceiling on it, everything is based on the mechanics you’re capable of using certain shifts people see all time is the downshift touched on by Jack Slack something that TJ Dillashaw And Dominick Cruz the two poster children for Neo Footwork  do all the time. Using a sudden stutter step to force the superior angle and extend what looks like a jab or a less dangerous punch or a snappy Tommy Hearns style jab, in reality its a heavy cross or hook that is setting up a even more devastating kick or knee to the body. Shifting is something that is easy to see in boxing and people recognize it as really extending on the punches versus a small subtle shift of weight unless it’s Mike Tyson throwing a hook head hook body hop off to the outside angle uppercut from hell combination. In Muay-Thai it’s a skill that has to be learned so learning advanced combinations is possible, as you can view being demonstrated and not being demonstrated by the Cowboy in blatant usage, watch the Till fight to see him not do it and then the Matt Brown and Myles Jury fights to see him shift in a academic way with little to no spice added that’s the zero fat option.

So what is shifting and how do you apply it, well I’ll start with examples. Take your classic 1 , 2, low kick combination like Aldo’s dutchie, every part of that combination is made more powerful and faster by adding weight shifting. When you retract that lead 1 drive that shoulder back forcing the body to extend sharply and with purpose on the 2 from the 2 your coiled up like  a loaded spring and ready to whip off a kick, that kick is hid behind the 2 and when you’re pulling the 2 back like the 1 the shoulder is driving the opposite side of the body through adding to the hips turning over on the strike. Everything can gain from simple weight shifts and carrying on with momentum. Another example is the Edson Barbosa body kick switch, leg kick, body kick learning to to transfer is what makes him that much faster and powerful.  

Being able to transfer is what makes switching stance so wonderful. From orthodox to southpaw is the  forgotten or glanced over piece to making switching in a Neo-foot work or my personal favorite Funk standing. What that is for example take the classic 1,2 from boxing why does it work? Well because when BLADED with zero chance of the take down you can focus on the timing distance etc. of striking. Now for say MMA or Kickboxing that’s not possible because of variables like the TD, or kicks, and knees in the clinch etc. So the piece to the puzzle was the stance change because the new angles involved and the ability to sidestep or pivot into your opponent’s blind spot as they shoot. The knock however us that you end up square and that’s the worst place to be when your opponent is is trying to counter with strikes of a knee tap, double, single, or whatever. Mighty Mouses biggest footwork issue was getting caught on the switch when in the pocket (mind you, you can always switch from distance the entire Alpha Male Team does it all the time and the drop shift is best done from distance to cause a reaction) he would get caught or dropped by John Dodson when he hit the switch in the pocket.

So hows it done

Well it’s a weight transfer

  1. Start by hitting a 1, 2 ;
  2. Then on the 2 step forward or through
  3. Re-fire that 2 so it looks like  1 but carries like a solid 2
  4. Then pivot or step through again layering that 1, 2 Combination
  5. So it now carries like a 1, 2, 2, 2 but looks like a solid 1, 2, step, 1, 2, step, 1, 2

That’s the premise of the weight transfer because the step is the shift it makes it quick and combines a feint with a strike with an angle change.

Try it out experiment with combinations watch some youtube videos Brendan Dormans Channel above and The Modern Martial Artist as well as reading Jack Slack’s post on Vice. Then all you have to do is drill, drill, drill, and go ahead and rest and keep drilling after that folks.


-Posse Out Cruise the Coast line Folks




Stop acting so shocked by what took place on Saturday post-fight. The up on the mountain holy than through the crowd is an interesting group. The idea that Conor was keeping it real and gangster when he through a dolly at a bus all that time ago, but when the constant stoked flames pointed in the direction Khabib has finally quelled people are surprised he was still a rage with emotion. Let me put this plainly, Conor made insinuations about his family’s relationship with a Chechen dictator that Khabib has to deal with because of the repercussions of not entertaining him end with unknown horrors committed against his family. Everyone wants to conveniently forget that part because so many of us live in suburbia or a nation where that isn’t the daily existence. So back to the Conor fans that were thinking oh its just promotion. That’s cool if you’re viewing it on Instagram, but like the fighters currently suing and still dealing with the effects of broken glass in their eyes and face you may feel differently.


I will never condone what Khabib did jumping out the cage was reckless and short-sighted. I understand it because I’m, not projecting myself on Khabib. I am myself a black American that grew up in multiple settings existing in the hold suburbia played lacrosse rugby swam from the midwest a blue-collar stoic mindset was set early in my life, my parents imparting on me that I was to let my actions do my talking pre and post in bout game or any other events no matter what was done or said, I encountered my fair share of mistreatment being the sole black player on the lacrosse field. I and many of those that watched last night did not grow up in a country were it was a known fact that you would witness horror inflicted on people close to you by invading soldiers and extremist. That is the world Khabib grew up in watching friends suffer some dying, so when a truly cold and hardened man feels attached and is attached constantly these actions should be less surprising in the end.


Will this set up another fight is the following question the hypo-critic fan will now bring up. That isn’t the hypocrisy right there thats the slack jaw thinking so many old trainers orginal fans and fighters despise the most. It harkens to the fake tough guy persona although different of the idea Chael P. Sonnen presents. If you’re more interested in thr continuing story of tgis rivalry you weren’t interested in the outcome of this bout but rather the theatrics that built it up. From the moment that dolly was thrown and the inaction of the UFC to Conor drinking with Dana and the character attacks on Khabibs team what more do you want them to endure. When Luke and DC are the cool headed men in the cage canceling out the crazy things have gone to far. Everyone is to blame if the organizations want to cite Conors freedom of speech fine and good just be prepared when I guy cut from the I’ll let you speak but I will slap the taste out of your mouth old world mentality comes up and does exactly that, don’t get shook.

UFC 229’s Mental Component



This is not an op on any press conference, or how one guy got the reaction or didn’t give the expected reaction to the opponent. It’s not about a casual fan base with casual writers and editors throwing up softball question or by comparison hard-hitting pieces that dissect every syllable uttered. This isn’t about the fans this is about the two individuals on fight night when that pin hits steel and there’s no escaping the cruel honesty of the cage you can’t hide in there and all your intentions come to the surface.



Mental games have existed since the first trash-talking session that ever escalated to a fight. Nothing that is being done is new or unheard of are lines being crossed, but of course one might say because all is fair in love and war. WAR is what both men want but they want the battlefield to exist how they see it, a practice or rather an expose in projecting what you see or expect to see in mind’s eye into reality. Khabib wants to beat and punish Conor while Conor wants to “take his head clean off”. This shows me what both mean are prepared for, one has a long intense detailed energy consuming game plan, while the other sees a start fast end it fast through complex traps and a shocking stopping ability. One wants to force the other to quit while one wants to take the choice away. Mentality dictates training and preparation.



How will the words and statements and I guess objects thrown impact the emotions going into hose seconds after the pin is dropped in that cage door? Will the insults cause anger or will both men be calm and focused engaging at optimal levels. Why do I stress anger well it may be something that people should carry over from Mayweather before trying to adopt and jab or counter 2 pull 2 methodologies done incorrectly but I digress and move onto the actual point. My point is Mayweather never attaches an emotion to the task of fighting he is calm and indifferent in the exchange, simply because his promotion is subtle digs at his opponent while propping himself up like Muhammed Ali. What drives Conor promo is a more vicious attack of what his opponents hold most dear causing intense frustration coupled with the knowledge that retaliation before the fight ends poorly for them. Meanwhile, Conor now has the media and a large fanbase of supporters spewing the same sentiments constantly while he now promos his skill. The complete opposite is Khabib was a self indulgence for the sake of promo means very little to him all he will voice are observations and facts, there is no fat in the discussion. Where Conor and Mayweather will take digs at the opponents Khabib just challenges them to do what every other opponent couldn’t do, not unlike the later years of Mayweather’s promo 40 some odd have tried and 40 some odd have failed. Now they could be no further apart from each other however the question becomes he meets the challenge how will the frustration fuel one side how will the self-aggrandizing fuel the other?

War of 2 Worlds



As everyone knows now the Khabib vs Conor fight is creating a lot of tension and has its own thick presence, not due to the fight only as is the case in most of Conors fights the spectacle is reaching a fever pitch within every tier of fan from the deep hardcore training fans all the way to the new fans. The non-accommodating resistance within this bout is a person that I believe is an unflappable participant that has Conor excited to compete. That person would be Khabib “War Eagle” Nurmagomedov the undefeated champion he’s my go-to guy because he is head and shoulders above everyone as a grappling technician and scares everyone but T Ferg but Ts crazy. When nobody wants to fight you and you’re a stoic and funny Russian hitman the company doesn’t necessarily want you to light the golden boy on fire. Conor says he will fight anyone and he’s proved he’s learned from Mayweather to promo not based on the other man’s name and skill but purely on the theatrics of what you can do. Now the only thing that the MMA mainstream media wants to talk about is how Khabib got caught by Michael Johnson a very testy point within the community, the Al Iaquinta fight, how Conor beat Chad, Conors left hand and Conors cardio. So I’ll be discussing these talking points and explaining them for what they are and not what we want them to be.


Khabib versus Michael Johnson was a mauling one-sided fight where people took what Rogan said he believed to have happened as the gospel, that being Khabib being hit by a right hand from a very talented Henri Hooft trained fighter. I have encountered a lot of pro-Conor fans and analyst that repeat the same thing. I would like to dissect this as a guy that has seen guys get rocked, caught, checked, and starched. Getting caught is one thing getting rocked implies getting hit clean and your legs buckling. It’s an easy thing to see in boxing because guys aren’t dropping down to shoot or stepping offline to through a kick etc. So the gif below is what makes Conor fans hopeful because a fast southpaw was able to hit Khabib. If you are caught it tends to lead to getting hit more and more to the point you are rocked. Khabib gets hit and then defends against the barrage Johnson then through with a high elbow and shoulder defense Allah Diaz’s, Bobby Green, Jorge Masvidal, etc. That is the opinion of a guy that has been in the gym post-2005 and seen a lot experienced a lot I’ve felt and seen what rocking and catching a guy is. I feel like yes Khabib got hit clean however he wasn’t buckling at the knees, he was literally just responding in line to how he and any other fighter is trained you defend the barrage.


The Khabib versus Al is an interesting fight where we can compare how both guys compare Conors finishing ability of short notice vs Khabibs ability to take out and finish a short notice fight. However that tells me nothing funny enough why because of the strengths on both ends lean themselves to a flash finish or a grinding pace of a fight, those are the antithesis of both men’s styles. Khabib versus Al was interesting because we saw what happens when an American with a wrestling background decides to bend at the hip and force Khabib to strike basically. Is Khabibs ability to mix it up like GSP from striking to wrestling to striking back to wrestling with every jab and shot looking the exact same. I was not at all surprised Khabib fought safe and sound against Al because there was a lot on the line, play with the jab that was the better in that bout shoot when its open and keeps the pace high and constant to get some 5 round experience. Those are the specifically strikes weighed against Khabib to make him look basic.


Now for the Conor points starting with how he handled Chads wrestling positive and negatively. My points usually start with if mini Mendes could control the takedown and bust open Conor from top position for long periods of the rounds what can Khabib do. The rebuttal is the post-fight announcing that Conors was hurt on antibiotics. I will concede that point if previous to the Chad replacement, something that itches in my thoughts, however, is that Dennis Siever took down Conor in that Boston showcase fight. I just come back to Conor extending on the straight 2 and Dennis shooting off that, what Brendan Dorman calls a reactive take-down not a response to getting hit but to counter the strike thrown. Conors ability to front kick Chads stomach was a brilliant and now obvious tactic that would have had the same effect even if Chad had received a 8-week camp. Is his wrestling defense improved I would believe so because of how he was able to defend the take-down against Nate until the 5th round in the 2nd fight as well as the shot from Eddie. My point here is this, Conor is not some Okie Doke grappler with no skill or awareness of what to do in situations he’s not incompetent.


The striking is unobjectionably in Conor wheels house and favor, he is able to fight backward and walking forward he can get hit but the man’s got a beard. The only issue that can be leveraged is a cardio drop off around the mid 2nd round of in the cage and around the 8th round in a boxing competition with 3-minute rounds versus 5 minute rounds. Khabib hasn’t shown a drop off that you can title as fatigue, everyone gets tired but not everyone gets fatigued. Conor has said over and over he has fixed that issue but the Eddie fight didn’t go long enough and the only 5 rounder he looked like cardio wasn’t a problem was against Max Holloway. The argument people will make is that Nate was bigger and he boxed against Mayweather, my response is it wasn’t short notice because Conor was able to train for it. The issue becomes grappling fatigue and again the energy systems being trained in camp biking, running, and rowing get you half way home you’ve got to grind in that wrestling room to get all the way home. Conor could make up that distance and since he hasn’t been doing media I would love to believe that was his focus this time around. I would love to think that but when you say you’re going to ice him in the 1st round, Chael said it best if you go for the KO you will not win the decision and by extension a 5 round war.

Dissecting Khabib is fairly simple, this ain’t your normal white guy this is a “Russian” competition breed Master of Sport in Combat Sambo, AKA propelled bear wrestling terror at 155. It’s not if but when he wants to take Conor down, he can let him up and do it again like he always does against faster opponents and stronger opponents. So the master of sport in sambo, “say man who else had that pedigree in MMA”, oh yeah FEDOR prime FEDOR. Sambo is if not the best base for MMA its right next to wrestling and now kickboxing (thanks Wonderboy for stealing Hendricks soul). So when he gets it to the mat after shooting the most technical double outside of any current Olympic wrestler maybe because honestly, he’s as good as Yoel Romero. Khabib shoots and if Conor starts attacking off the bottom and arms gets snatched from side control or crucifix, that can end up being a broken limb. Khabib is a high-level submission artist go watch his sambo matches and make your own opinion but some of the best armbars ever were done by Sambo players Fedor to the late Randleman, Khabib, Rustlam etc. But what if Conor kicks him similar to Mendes, Sambo players basically brought over the beginnings of this crazy leglock and ankle lock game you see in BJJ. In my mind, he runs a single into a double or takes the knee pick because that’s what he does to everyone who throws a linear kick. Then when the hesitation on the kick comes in to play watch for power double pass to half smash smash smash pass to mount smash knee in elbow pass to crucifix end the fight. That’s been Khabibs game since he was strangling baby bears. Can Conor catch the DEATH BY THE LEFT, I believe so, I don’t know how Khabib will take it we don’t know how anyone will take it. Khabibs got a chin but can he make it to the grinding or will Conor catch him in the first round to stop Khabib from getting to his ace.


I think Khabib beats Conor because of the old history of fighting not caring about your heart and passion when you’re not as skilled as the other in a discipline. Conor and Khabib are both in that situation Khabib does not possess the offensive striking while Conor doesn’t have the grappling ability in a nutshell. The story is who can develop the skill fastest enough to defend and capitalize. This fight in my head doesn’t end as a blow out either way it ends after a hard-fought chess game were both guys show defensive strategy and if their lungs hold up a blistering pace and activity we accept to see. I can’t wait for this fight but I caution everyone this may end up being a replay of Woodley vs Wonderboy 1 a lot of blitzing and some well-timed shots over and over again. Well, that’s my take on things, who’s gonna call out GSP I wonder…..

Pettis vs Tony Ferguson

giphy giphy

People seem to not believe in Pettis as they did circa WEC absorbed by the Zuffa era UFC. A slew of loses using the same game plan RDA made famous pressure high volume striking and a nonstop wrestling shot. You don’t really want to hit the mats with Pettis because his arm-bar and triangle game is legit, just ask Benson and Gilbert about that. However he hasn’t been loose in the cage since that RDA fight, he’s just now getting back to his old ways the confidence booster in my eyes was the Jim Miller fight some might say the Oliveria fight but in my opinion that was a fight he should have one Jim was a real should I still be doing this kind of opponent that would let us know if Anthony still has it. His last bout against Chiesa was another step towards getting back to where he was before the RDA fight back to being the best striker in MMA. People discuss top strikers but in my mind, Edson and Pettis are the top strikers at 155 since Jorge left for 170 and I will hear no rebuttal against this. Pettis has better hands and more dexterity in both legs while Edson is as fast as DJ with a Pro-Kickboxer level understanding of timing, not the best hands but not bad either. So Pettis is no slouch at all his still got fights in him.

Back to Pettis and Ferguson, the interesting thing about this fight is not how Ferg bounces back from injury because he is an outside the square thinker about recovery and conditioning. Tony is always the wild card in the cage his only close battle was against Lando for as long as it lasted seeing how Lando took the bout on short notice but he still caught Tony more off guard than any opponent Tony faced on that 14 fight win streak. Pettis lives in that same world because he’s loose and funky but its built on sound striking taught to him by Duke Roufus, I said Duke Roufus. Pettis hits the showtime kick he has iced guys with the lead leg roundhouse he lands the sidekick flush he can box and has seamless elbows. He’s the closest to Gaston Balonos, and nobody wants to be in the cage with that butcher. The GIF is just a showcase of the brilliant dexterity and fundamental skills involved in landing a kick so crisp and flush. He can catch anyone with that. Now can Tony Ferguson eat that shot maybe, we know Tony has a beard on him and he can keep a blistering pace that gets faster and faster following a snappy d’arce that will suck the life out of you. Tony is no bum boys and girls this is an interesting fight between to guys that sit atop the elite still one off an injury the other off a rough patch in his career.

Having these two on the card leaves room for a drop out from the main event the fights that could be set up garner similar or the same acclaim, Conor vs Pettis or Conor vs Ferg and for my money Ferg vs Khabib. Pettis has the potential to make another run and a win over Ferg puts him in Tony’s current spot or the spot he was in pre-injury, a win for Tony lets everyone know he’s still here and laying in wait while chomping at the bit. Both men respect each other and in this current circus its a nice reprieve to be able to concentrate solely on the skills presented. I’m taking Pettis with heavy nerves just because I know Ferguson can snap it down and catch you anywhere.

Whoa whoa whoa the Sugars the Problem

Karin Michels, professor of the department of epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, recently during a lecture stated, regardless of the advice peddled by unqualified and self-appointed online health gurus, consuming coconut oil carries a raft of health risks.

I have a few questions and statements to add as an unqualified rebuttal or counter to this statement. Dr. Karin Michels sites like most health professionals that coconut oil has a significant amount more saturated fat content than other oils such as olive oil which is higher in unsaturated fat. However the fact that a recent finding done by the New York Times exposed the sugar industries demonization of saturated fats. (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/13/well/eat/how-the-sugar-industry-shifted-blame-to-fat.html)

I will not bore you with the long story read it for yourself, however. It is safe to assume that the repercussive waves of the payoffs and lying done by certain scientist effects are still being taught as fact and truth. Now is this doctor someone with a hidden agenda no that’s not where I go to first, conspiracy is like below last resort. Now the online health guru I go to is on my favorite podcast a lot Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She isn’t some fake professional shes got the resume, I’m sighting her someone far smarter than myself. She stated in a video with Dr. Ron Krauss! “Dietary cholesterol has a negligible influence on heart disease risk. New video with Dr. Ron Krauss! https://t.co/8SuVGwObRX ” why is this?

I would say that because people don’t have or the findings neglected by the scientist approached by the sugar industry is hard to find or gone. The issue is or rather the behavior that increases your risk for heart disease, from a baseline zero not acknowledging any family history lack of physical or cardiovascular exercise. Starting from that baseline the issue is saturated fats combined with the American individual’s consumption of sugar the combination of that glucose to the saturated fats. Saturated fats inherently aren’t an issue further proved by qualified studies on the consumption of eggs with pre and post blood test to compare the levels of LDL. The people tested again because of conscious testing, nobody had cancer or are close to a century in age. Everyone tested either showed a zero change or a minuscule uptick in LDL. The saturated fat increase in the diets of these tested was increased but still fell below the levels of no return. Okay, I’m about to be very candid with everyone, the amount of coconut oil listed in the article on Dr. Karin Michels states that the consumption of coconut oil need to gain the benefits of the multi-chain triglycerides for metabolic boost and weight loss, you would need 10 tablespoons of coconut oil in comparison to the much less volume compared to 100 percent MCT oil. I sighted problem with this statement is island cultures eat enormous amounts of coconut daily or even weekly, what about these people who statistically are healthier by the by.

My issue is you will blow up every bathroom within 10 seconds of you before you reach the 3rd tablespoon folks. I’ve done the research on this boys and girls the body will not allow it, so cooking with it as a replacement to butter or lard ( which Dr. Karin Michels stated coconut oil was worse than lard, which again has been proven not to be bad unless combined with processed sugars). This is one person findings causing ripples on twitters and I’m a big proponent for cooking with coconut oil and consuming MCT oil from Onnit in large doses in my smoothies. Disclaimer here I do agree with Dr. Karin Michels about moderation, your body will show you your limits but I stress avoid that at all cost hot sweats and emptying your stomach for an hour isn’t fun. Extrapolating from there the major thing that needs to be addressed, don’t increase your saturated fat intake or rather don’t have an intake of saturated fat if you consume more than 20g I stay around 10g or less of processed sugar but eat ungodly amounts of fruits. I know fruit has sugar and is bad for keto etc, but I still sight show me a fat raw vegan and I’ll show you a liar. My levels are lower actually from when I started consuming coconut oil and MCT oil close to 3 years. That’s all take a listen to Dr. Rhonda Patricks Joe Rogan podcasts as well as her own…… a couple times……. with a notepad……and after a good nights sleep.